Friday, February 21, 2014


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For your kind attention, please read the Assignment Instruction carefully. 


1. Form a group consist of maximum ten (10) person per group

2. You need to identify any current issue/ problem/ tragedy that occurred within period of 2012 2014. The issue/problem/tragedy can be in the areas of social, economic, politics, education that concerned Malaysia.

3. You are required to do a simple survey (whether randomly or stratified sampling) to thirty (30) respondents, preferably students.
4. The amount of your survey questions is not more than fifteen (15) questions, not including demographic questions.

5. You need to do an analysis of your survey, and submitted as REPORT not more than 20 pages  excluding title page. Please use Times New Roman, 12pts, 1.5 spacing. Heading 14pts. List of group member in the front page. Please use APA format for citation and references.

6. Your report must contains as follow:

a.) Title b.) Abstract c.) Introduction
d.) Literature Review  e.) Objectives                 
f.) Methodology  g.) Results
h.) Discussions  i.) Summary & Conclusion 
 j.) References

02 APRIL 2014

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